Ann Coulter just leveled a disgusting new conspiracy theory at the detention center children


Professional provacetur and GOP ghoul Ann Coulter has emerged to once again remind America what a truly soulless creature she is. As outrage builds over the Trump administration’s policy of kidnapping the children of undocumented immigrants, separating them from their parents, and locking them up in detention centers, Republicans are wheeling out every defense they can think of to shield the cruel operation.

During an appearance on Fox News Coulter — who has long been an outspoken advocate for regressive, racist, anti-immigration measures — referred to the children being held in detention centers as “child actors,” because apparently it’s unbelievable that a child stolen from his or her parents and locked in a cage might actually be upset enough to cry.

It’s worth mentioning that in reality the psychological and emotional trauma inflicted on these kids is so extreme that some are trying to commit suicide in capitivity.

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Coulter said the “child actors” are “weeping and crying on the other networks 24/7,” a tacit admission that Fox is refusing to adequately cover the horrors currently taking place in these concentration camps, so devoted is the network to supporting Trump’s hateful agenda.

“Do not fall for it Mr. President,” Coulter said, turning to look directly into the camera.

It’s a trick that has become more common on Fox because it’s well known that Trump wastes a large chunk of his time watching the channel. Many see the network as a direct line into the president’s brain and try to exploit it accordingly.

Coulter went on to say that she gets nervous over Trump getting most of his news from television, presumably because she’s afraid he might actually see how most of the country is reacting negatively to the child separation policy if he happens to tune in to something other than Fox.


Coulter then pushed the conspiracy theory that the kidnapped children are “being coached” and “given scripts to read by liberals,” attributing the strange claims to The New Yorker. 

“Don’t fall for the actor children,” she added. Throughout the segment, you can see the other pundits growing increasingly uncomfortable as Coulter fares deeper and deeper into tinfoil hat territory. By the end, one of them is trying to talk over her and get her to stop, but she plows through to the end. The performance is as disgusting as it is dripping in paranoia.

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Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.