A reporter just confronted Sanders point blank over a Trump lie. Her response is telling [WATCH]

Earlier today, Trump tweeted about Germany, claiming that crime is way up in the European country, blaming their leadership and influx of immigrants from other countries. He spoke about how the new arrivals have “violently changed their culture,” a stunningly obvious racist dog whistle.

In reality, 2017 saw the lowest crime levels in Germany in 25 years.

He sent out a second tweet, drawing a tenuous connection between the imagined German crime spike and his own regressive, domestic anti-immigration policies.

The tweets come the same time that Trump is facing national backlash over his administration’s policy of kidnapping the children of undocumented immigrants, separating them from their families perhaps permanently, and locking them in concentration camps.

He’s trying to distract from his growing list of human rights violations.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about the German tweet during the day’s press briefing. The reporter pointed out that crime has fallen, not risen, contrary to the president’s claim. Huckabee Sanders gave a characteristically tepid response by saying she “wasn’t aware” of the report the journalist referenced to back up his question but claimed she would “look into it.”

In other words, she sidestepped because there was no way to defend Trump’s blatant lie. This is exactly the kind of adversarial journalism that reporters need to take to the White House: contest every lie, challenge every fabrication with facts, and make Trump’s lackies look like fools.