Trump just escalated his feud with Jeff Bezos in public Twitter provocation


President Trump took to Twitter this morning and escalated his burgeoning feud with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, owner of the Washington Post, by calling for the newspaper to go on strike – not out of any concern for the well-being of the workers there, but out of a selfish desire to see the “fake news” media on a bit of a break for a few days.

It’s not clear what in particular inspired the president’s tweet, but there is a story in the New York Post this morning about how 400 union members at the Washington Post have issued a public letter to America’s richest man accusing him of failing to provide “fair wages; fair benefits for retirement, family leave and health care; and a fair amount of job security” while he himself made $3 billion since last week.

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While the idea of Donald Trump, notorious union-buster and lifelong abuser of workers actually taking a stand for the exploited workers at the Washington Post, he does have a point.

It is a moral travesty that the richest man in the nation continues to underpay and fail to provide for not only the hard-working people who toil in Amazon warehouses but also the journalists, staff writers, interns, and fact-checkers who work so hard to bring America the truth at the Washington Post.


But considering that Trump’s own track record with workers is just as bad, it’s obvious that the problem is the billionaires themselves.

The president’s “beef” with Jeff Bezos stems not only from the Washington Post’s coverage of his unending avalanche of scandal but also from the simple fact that Bezos is richer than he is.

While It’s disturbing to see the president of the United States engage in a pissing contest with another spoiled, sociopathic oligarch, we can’t let the president’s petty Twitter rantings distract us from the thousands of children being torn from their parents by the jack-booted sadists in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. They need to be our priority until every child is reunited with their families.

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After that, well, I have some very creative ideas as to how we can resolve the billionaire problem.

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