Stormy Daniels’ lawyer just declared war on Trump and ICE over child separation policy


Sometimes heroes emerge when you need them, often from the most unlikely places.

Who would have thought when we first encountered Michael Avenatti as the pugnacious attorney for Stormy Daniels, that a lawyer for a porn star would turn into a hero of the resistance worthy of his own comic book and lucrative film spin-off?

Now, along with everything that he has done to bring to light the shady business dealings of President Trump and his erstwhile lawyer and “fixer” Michale Cohen, Avenatti is offering the services of his law firm to help represent the families who have been torn apart by the heinous and immoral immigration policies of the Trump administration.

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The scandal over the separation of refugee families resulting in children being held separately from their parents in squalid, understaffed detention camps, has rocked the nation and separated the U.S. into two camps of its own: those with compassion and the selfish, heartless pricks who quote the Bible to support their policies while spitting in the face of Christ’s actual doctrine.

Avenatti came down squarely on the side of the compassionate with his tweet announcing his offer. His move was foreshadowed by a retweet he sent yesterday expressing his own outrage after seeing the cover of the New York Daily News with a picture of a crying child at the border.


Avenatti apparently had a difficult time sleeping after seeing that picture because first thing this morning he was back on Twitter with his bold call to action.

He followed that incendiary declaration with a tweet addressing White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller, the admitted architect of the administration’s immigration debacle, and the man who convinced President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to institute a policy ripped straight from the vilest dictatorships.

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This is how Americans expect their heroes to act in the face of evil: a pledge of relentless pursuit and eventual justice.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to believe that his lies blaming the Democrats — who do not currently wield a single lever of power in Washington — will convince his slavish followers, either too brainwashed by Fox News or too uninformed to know better, that he has nothing to do with what the UN has already labeled a major human rights violation.


Bravo to Michael Avenatti in the expansion of his efforts from the representation of Ms. Daniels in her mission to expose the hypocrisy of the president to an all-out war against the most reprehensible policy the Trump regime has instituted to date.

Let us all hope that he is as successful in this endeavor as he has been in bringing down his adversary Michael Cohen and exposing the misdeeds of the Trump administration so far.

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