Trump operative Roger Stone was just busted for meeting a Russian selling dirt on Hillary Clinton

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The inside story of Trump’s oldest, closest political advisor and a meeting he held in Florida to solicit dirt on Hillary Clinton just dropped in a new bombshell report from the Washington Post.

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Roger Stone held a meeting with a Russian man offering dirt on Clinton, named Henry Greenberg in Sunny Isles Beach – a beachfront town in Miami known as Little Moscow – which his longtime associate Michael Caputo set up in May 2016. Greenberg aka Henry Oknyansky is a Russian national who worked as an FBI informant from 1996-2013.

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“Greenberg’s” real name is Gennady Vostretsov according to a 2002 story in The Moscow Times about his arrest there on fraud charges. Kommersant reports that the FBI tipped off Russian authorities that he was returning home, leading to his capture. Moscow’s Channel 1 also covered his arrest on major fraud charges and has video.

When the Post interviewed Greenberg, who confirmed in virtually identical language, independent of Stone, the longtime advisor rejected the offer saying, “You don’t understand Donald Trump. He doesn’t pay for anything.”

But the two men told divergent stories about a third man present at the meeting, who Greenberg claimed was a disgruntled Ukrainian former Clinton Foundation employee, whom the charity credibly says could not have worked for them.

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The Post reports:

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Stone said Greenberg was alone at the meeting.

But Greenberg said he was accompanied by a Ukrainian friend he identified only as Alexei, who he said had been fired from a job with the Clinton Foundation

Greenberg provided no evidence the man had worked for the Clinton Foundation, and a foundation spokesman said the group has never employed a man with the first name of Alexei.

“He was very upset, and he wants to tell his story,” Greenberg said in a text. “He told Mr. Stone what he knew and what he want.”

But Greenberg denied asking Stone for money.

A photo of Henry Greenberg aka Henry Oknyansky speaking at a City of Miami public meeting this year.

He said that his Ukrainian friend made the offer to exchange cash for dirt on Hillary Clinton.

It’s very difficult to pin down Trump’s longtime master of dirty tricks, and Paul Manafort’s longtime business partner.

But Stone’s testimony to Congress couldn’t be any clearer, nor his meeting with Russians for dirt on Hillary Clinton any murkier.

Special Counsel Mueller is probably so hot on the trail of this meeting because Roger Stone told Congress last year in a written statement that he had “no ties to any Russians.”

The Post says:

The brief sit-down in Florida has resurfaced as part of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s sprawling investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign, according to Caputo.

Caputo said he was asked about the meeting by prosecutors during a sometimes-heated questioning session last month.

It seems like a pretty obvious reason for Mueller to step in and determine if Stone’s apparently incorrect statement was indeed a coverup or intentional attempt to mislead Congress.

The Post confirmed text messages exchanged between Stone and Caputo about the meeting, which indicates that the two men didn’t think highly of Greenberg and his friend’s offering. Here is one of them:


But the two men definitely knew that they set up and held a meeting with a Russian national and it was for political information and their Russian sources wanted $2 million dollars, which Trump was never going to pay because he’s a tightwad.

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Roger Stone isn’t shy about lying, but he has honestly humble bragged that he called Trump about business throughout the campaign and had a role in the selection of Paul Manafort as his campaign manager.

So why did he lie to the Post and to Congress about his direct ties to a Russian bearing dirt on Hillary Clinton?

One can only imagine that is the question that Special Counsel Mueller wants to answer after the dirty trickster’s liaisons with Wikileaks and his Twitter DMs with the GRU agent Guccifer 2.0 have been revealed since the Trump Russia story exploded last year.

Watch Roger Stone lie to the Washington Post last year about his contacts with Russians:

Grant Stern

Editor at Large

Grant Stern is a columnist for the Washington Press. He's also mortgage broker, writer, community activist and radio personality in Miami, Florida.

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