Justin Trudeau just showed up Trump in viral Father’s Day tweet


Sometimes, living life in the Trump administration can make an hour feel like an eternity.

That’s a tactic the orange man counts on, as the more mentally exhausted his constituents are when watching him unravel democracy the more likely they are to forget some of what he’s said and done, thus stirring the confusion.

For example, just two short days ago, Trump told Fox News he planned to work all through Father’s Day:

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But where is he on Sunday, three years in trump years later? Why he’s golfing at one of his properties in Virginia! Not only is the bloated orange tyrant not working as promised, but he isn’t even with the mother of his children (any of them, really) nor does he appear to be with any of his five children.

Honestly, that’s a small step up from his original plan, which was to tell Eric and Marla they were having dinner at the Palace only to sneak off to Mar-a-Lago with the kids he likes to have around for photo ops.


The least Donald Trump could do is tweet about the holiday and pretend he cares about his kids. He could even tweet and blast the holiday, calling it commercial or unnecessary and lie that he tells his kids he loves them every day, not just Father’s Day, or some similarly cheap platitude.

Instead, he blasted out one angry tweet about the “witch hunt” against him, and then lazily retweeted the White House’s very bland “Happy Father’s Day!” tweet.

By contrast, some of the world leaders Trump has been trying to slander for the last few days have taken a more serious approach to the holiday, inadvertently trolling Trump by doing something he could never manage himself: being a good dad.

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In a brief tweet on Sunday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shared a photo with his young son, both with genuinely happy smiles spread across their faces as they hold in an embrace Eric Trump has only dreamed about.

With each passing day, Trump’s ever-more-frequent lies pull back curtain after curtain, revealing the con-artist elected to the White House, and his base refuses to look at what they’ve really elected: a lazy, self-indulgent narcissist whose limited remains years on this earth preclude him from empathy, even for those he supposedly loves.


No wonder Melania doesn’t wish to be seen publicly with him any more.

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