Paul Ryan just tweeted a tone-deaf Father’s Day tweet, instantly regretted it


Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan decided that the middle of a crisis on the southern border, where kids are being forcibly separated from their parents by U.S. border agents, was the perfect time to issue a Father’s Day video on Twitter.

In the clip, Ryan doesn’t say a single thing about the literally thousands of families that are being decimated as we speak.  Not a word about the fathers there who will have little to celebrate Sunday, courtesy of President Trump and the weak Republicans in Congress.  Sadly, this is par for the course for the GOP, both inside and outside the White House.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders both quoted the Bible to defend this heinous practice, and President Trump for his part is inexplicably blaming Democrats for both the policy of separating kids itself, and for his unwillingness to exercise his executive branch powers and not follow this policy.  All of that is the Democrats’ fault, you see.

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Republicans in Congress have allowed this tragedy to unfold with little more than lip service.  Some are calling for legislation that would end this policy, but only as part of a larger border bill that dumps millions into Trump’s long-sought wall and institutes other draconian measures.  With the president threatening to veto the GOP bills currently under discussion, the few Republicans in congress talking a good game are afraid of a face-off with the White House so close to the mid-term elections.

Ryan had managed to mostly avoid direct criticism for this debacle, until now.  His tone-deaf tweet has unleashed a massive backlash on Twitter.  Here’s just a sampling of what he’s facing:


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