Trump’s excuse for Melania missing his birthday just blew up in his face in humiliating fashion

On Thursday, June 14th, Donald Trump celebrated his 72nd birthday, a few short weeks after his wife’s birthday in April, for which he famously failed to give her a birthday gift.

Melania, for her part, apparently returned the favor in kind and chose to leave him alone to celebrate the momentous occasion of one more year without a McDonald’s hamburger.

According to Vanity Fairphotographers caught the current FLOTUS in Manhattan on Thursday with a caravan of black S.U.V’s for what her spokesperson said was a series of “meetings.”

The spokesperson also had to clarify comments made last week by the president, who claimed that Melania was not able to fly since having the mysterious kidney procedure that left her missing from the public for nearly a month. He told this to reporters who questioned why Melania would not be joining her husband in Singapore for his summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Apparently, though, she is still able to fly domestically. There wasn’t a doctor handy to confirm, but it doesn’t appear that post-surgical restrictions on flying differ domestically from internationally, making Trump’s misdirection and the subsequent follow-up all the more strange. Technically, it is uncertain how she got to Manhattan, since she could have been driven or taken a train from D.C. Still, the juggling of facts is quite strange.

Speaking of strange, Trump fabricated another aspect of his relationship with his third wife. In an interview on his state-sponsored TV network Fox News, Trump told host Steve Doocy he “got a lot of kisses” from his “beautiful wife” for his birthday.

Sounds really sweet to hear, but Melania’s spokesperson claims she was in New York on Wednesday through Thursday, and gave no clear indication what time she departed the Big Apple and what time she managed to return to D.C.

Perhaps there was enough time to (and please grab a barf bag before proceeding) shower Donald Trump with kisses but, still, what a strange time to choose to travel for the first time after surgery.

Even if she had booked this weeks ago, what was the reasoning? She’d been mostly silent for the beginning of Trump’s presidency and only recently emerged with her “Be Best” anti-bullying campaign shortly before entering hospital for a surgery which kept her from public view for nearly a month.

Melania, if you can read this, blink twice if you need help, and three times if you’d like a cocktail on-hand when the escape car picks you up.

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Salvatore Nicholas

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