NBC’s Katy Tur just lost it and humiliated Republican Rep. for refusing to admit Trump lies [WATCH]


Somehow, the United States has reached the point where Americans just take for granted the fact that their president is a serial liar who employs a legion of lesser liars to spread his disinformation. The White House has zero credibility, not only here but internationally. If it comes out of Trump’s mouth, it’s almost guaranteed to be a complete fabrication.

Some journalists have had the courage to push back against the flagrant mendacity, but by and large, the media is hamstrung by longstanding journalistic practices that dictate taking statements from the White House in at least some degree of good faith. Trump and his cronies know this, so they exploit it constantly, unleashing such an unrelenting wave of lies that it’s impossible to sift through them all.

Earlier today,  Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) appeared on MSNBC to shill for Trump and muddy the waters around the recent release from the Justice Department’s ethics watchdog that stated the Inspector General found no evidence that the political opinions of agents involved affected the FBI investigation into Secretary Hillary Clinton’s emails.

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Jordan was attempting to spread conspiracy theories and misdirect from what Tur was trying to focus on, which was the president’s constant lying and the Republican Party’s apathy to it.

Jordan kept ignoring her question and circling back to his talking points, until Tur straight out demanded he answer her questions. When he continued to spew nonsense and lies, Tur systematically dismantled his narrative with facts, providing a masterclass in how to deal with Trump’s truth-averse lapdogs.

Watch the exchange below:



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Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.