Natalie Portman just issued a stunning statement on longtime friend Jared Kushner (WATCH)

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Prestigious as an Ivy League education can be, nepotism plays such a heavy role in the selection process, plenty of unworthy students walk the hallowed halls of institutions like Harvard every year – at least, that’s what multi-talented actress Natalie Portman says of her former friend and classmate Jared Kushner, anyway.

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Although Portman doesn’t boast often of her alma mater, she did matriculate from the famed school in 2003 with the man who would go on to marry Ivanka Trump.

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Portman dropped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about her new documentary, “Eating Animals” when the politically-savvy host probed her about her old classmate. Specifically, after Colbert asked if they let “dummies” into Harvard, to which Portman coyly replied, “I mean…”

“You actually graduated the same class as Jared Kushner, didn’t you?” Colbert finally asked.

“That is correct,” the “Black Swan” star giggled, adding, “We were friendly,” to describe their apparently lukewarm relationship.

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After confirming that Kushner was in fact not a good student, contrary to what he has said in the past, Colbert pressed the 37-year-old Oscar winning actress for more details on what Kushner was like “back in the day.”

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“What can I say?” she laughed again.

“Anything you want,” Colbert assured her, before exclaiming “it’s a free country!”

Portman, who spent 2016 campaigning for Kushner’s father-in-law’s rival Hillary Clinton, pointed out just how fragile that freedom is, before she acknowledged exactly what Kushner has become over the course of fifteen years:

“I mean, the last days of, maybe. Right? Unfortunately, there’s not a lot funny to say about someone you were friends with becoming a super villain. So, you know … it’s not funny.”

Portman then went on to quote Kushner, who supposedly once said in an interview losing the friends he’d lost through politics was like “exfoliating,” which Colbert pointed out made Portman as “dead skin cell.”

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“Proudly!” she exclaimed, eliciting a raucous cheer from the audience clearly comprised of like-minded individuals – in other words, people endowed with the ability to feel compassion.

Kushner has yet to comment on Portman’s remarks, but it’s unlikely he’ll say anything but denying what he’s become, probably because deep down, he’s always been a supervillain.

A stupid one, mind you. But a supervillain nonetheless.

Listen to Portman’s remarks below, and find out about her new documentary sure to make Kushner and the whole Trump family very angry:

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