CNN just revealed Trump is using kids as political hostages. Walter Schaub’s response is spot on


CNN’s Jim Acosta called out President Trump today on Twitter for not only ripping children from their parent’s arms at the border as refugees come seeking asylum that is enshrined in laws both moral and legislative but for using the innocent captives as bargaining chips for his dastardly political aims.

The former Ethics Chief during the Obama administration, Walter Shaub, saw the CNN reporter’s tweet and took Acosta’s thoughts to their logical and horrifyingly accurate conclusion.

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The Trump administration has spent the last day quoting the bible as an excuse for the child abductions committed by border patrol agents as they separate families and inter children in what can only be called modern day concentration camps.

The feeble and sacrilegious attempt to use religion as a shield against the mounting moral outrage over the heinous policy has been used by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who have selectively parsed biblical verses that support their evil agenda while ignoring the multiple passages that clearly indicate the magnitude of sinfulness and downright anti-Christian behavior that they are advocating.


Even conservative pundit Bill Kristol called out their hypocrisy.

Now the fruits of the Bush administration’s refusal to recognize the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court are resulting in an inability to prosecute President Trump for the human rights violations that he is responsible for overseeing in his position as America’s fraudulently elected Terrorist-in-Chief.

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When will we stop this malevolent regime from continuing to destroy our country and all it stands for? Yes, we all will do our best to vote in November and elect a Congress with the power to stop the worst of his actions and begin impeachment if we’re lucky, but can the nation hold out that long when so much damage is currently being done?

All we can do until then is to shout, march, and agitate until our voices are sore, our feet hurt, and we are heard loud and clear: This must stop!

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