April Ryan just revealed the White House’s stunning tactic to force out Sarah Huckabee Sanders

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The world will be a better place when Sarah Huckabee Sanders leaves her position as White House Press Secretary. Not because she lies, but because she lies so well she can successfully confuse even the most intelligent person into almost believing her.

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Americans who prefer that truth come from the White House were ecstatic when CBS News reported earlier this week that insiders had revealed Sanders does intend to leave her position sometime around the midterm elections.

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Both Sanders and Trump dispelled these rumors, a sentiment Sanders echoed from the White House press podium on Thursday. Almost, anyway – though she called the report “fake news” she never technically denied the news. 

Her resistance to answer a simple question is common, but this in particular confused reporters. It got veteran reporter April Ryan thinking which lead to a stunning revelation she offered CNN‘s Brooke Baldwin on Thursday.

This story was floated by someone within the White House. There is turmoil within that White House press shop. And you better believe – yes! there is infighting – and someone stabbed her in the back. The question is, ‘who?’.”

Ryan added that though Trump has run an effective smear campaign against news outlets, CBS, the extremely reputable source that first broke the story “has not backed down on that story, and it’s not fake news.”

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She went on to remind Baldwin that a source claimed months ago that “there would be an elegant exit for Sarah Huckabee Sanders,” but she’s skeptical of any potential grace accompanying a departure from Trump.

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She also pointed out that in the past, once a story begins to float across the airwaves, “ultimately, something happens.”

“The question is, will it be the way they say at the end of the year or even before? You know, the president has stood by people before and then they’re gone the next week. So it remains to be seen,” Ryan pointed out.

Ever the empath, Ryan told Baldwin she “feels bad” for Sanders, citing the inherent misogyny in a room like that.

“She is a mother of three kids and I know she takes this personally and she loves her job,” Ryan said. “Even though we’ve had our public…” she pauses, before hesitantly adding, “interesting moments, you know, she’s a woman in this job… she has to deal with the audience of the President of the United States, and also has to be tough in that room of men with some women peppered through.”

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While a valid point, Sanders takes to that podium to lie to the American people every single day. Empathy is an essential trait to possess, but just a day ago Sanders showed an absolute void of empathy when asked about the Trump administration’s practice of separating migrant children from their parents at the border.

“I know she’s hurting by this and trying to figure out where it came from,” Ryan concluded. “But someone leaked this story purposefully.”

Whoever that person happens to be deserves the Nobel Peace Price Trump is so desperate to win, for the sooner Sanders is out, the better for all Americans.

Watch the exchange below:

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