The real profiteers from children detention centers just got revealed

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As if the Trump Administration policy of separating refugee children from their parents at the border wasn’t embarrassing and inhumane enough, a new report just revealed how private government contractors are profiting from it.  One company in particular is staffing up in anticipation of winning huge government contracts to implement the new prison-like infrastructure that Trump’s policies will require.

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By examining job postings and other available data sources, The Daily Beast has learned about the massive rush into border states by these private contractors, one of which has had more than its fair share of scandals with the federal government.

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“Virginia-based MVM Inc., is seeking a compliance coordinator to help in San Antonio with the ‘rapid deployment of an Emergency Influx Shelter for unaccompanied children,’ The Daily Beast reported.  “As billed, the coordinator would ensure the children’s shelter met ‘policies and procedures’ set by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement.”

That job posting appeared on MVM’s website just a few days ago, and they’ve posted other jobs on websites like

So what?  Maybe it’s a good thing that we’ll get some professionals down there to help care for these children who desperately need help.  Short of halting the Trump Administration’s inhumane policies, this is the next best thing, right?

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We’d be inclined to agree, if MVM had some expertise dealing with children and families.  But they’re not exactly child psychologists, or teachers, or administrators with experience running schools or day care centers or anything remotely like what these kids need.

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So what is their area of expertise? According to their own website, MVM possesses “extensive domain expertise in counter-narcotics, criminal and civil investigations, public safety, and national security.”

Not exactly Sesame Street, is it?  That’s not even the worst of it.  Not only is MVM the wrong kind of company to improve the situation at the border; they’re not even very good at what they do.

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More from The Daily Beast:

In 2008, MVM lost a lucrative contract with the Central Intelligence Agency in Iraq for, the Wall Street Journal reported, “failing to provide enough armed guards.” It also faced internal allegations that its guards in Iraq, which worked for both the CIA and the National Security Agency, “were procuring and possessing unauthorized weapons and explosives,” according to a since-dismissed lawsuit from an Army Special Forces veteran employee who unsuccessfully claimed wrongful termination after blowing the whistle.

They’ve also been sued by government watch dogs for forcing a Muslim employee to shave his beard in retaliation for reporting a superior who called him a “nig*er.”

“I’m concerned with these companies’ track records,” said Neil Gordon of the Project on Government Oversight. “Have they been properly thoroughly vetted to ensure their performance histories are relatively satisfactory? Do they have recent cases of misconduct levied against them, any sort of pending legal or enforcement matters concerning issues of misconduct?”

If the Trump Administration’s vetting of its own cabinet members and staffers is any indication, I think we know the answer to all of those questions.

You can read the entire damning Daily Beast Report here. 

Peter Mellado

Peter Mellado is a writer, producer, and a branding and messaging specialist with over 15 years experience. He studied history at San Jose State University, and resides in Los Angeles.

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