Sarah Sanders just claimed enforcing law is “biblical.” Gavin Newsom’s response is perfect

On Thursday, Sarah Huckabee Sanders showed the world that she would much rather be standing behind a pulpit than a podium after reporters questioned her morality and she promptly turned the press room into a bible lesson.

For once, the White House press briefing room was actually a chaotic scene, not the concocted chaos Trump and Sanders propagate to their willing followers – but for good reason. Reporters finally took up the plight of immigrants in Trump’s America, repeatedly pressing Sanders for comment on the inhuman policy that separates parents and children at the border.

Jeff Sessions cited the Bible in defense of the administration’s actions in a press junket early Thursday morning. When a reporter produced that as evidence, Sanders got out her crucifix and began pontificating in front of the press corps, doubling-down on Sessions’ biblical defense.

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That’s where Gavin Newsom stepped in. The California gubernatorial hopeful dipped into scripture to fact-check Sanders:

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in. – Matthew 25:35,” he wrote, quoting one of the first books of the New Testament, the portion of the Bible on which the entirety of Christianity hinges.

The White House began hiding behind the Bible after journalist Jake Soboroff posted a lengthy Twitter thread detailing the horrors that he witnessed inside a former Wal-Mart converted to a detention center for underage migrants. 

The Trump administration has long maintained that current immigration policies stem from the previous administration and Trump is simply continuing the heinous practice.

That, of course, is only partially true. Most of these policies stem back to the Bush administration’s post 9/11 policies. Although Barack Obama made the mistake of not prioritizing some kind of immigration reform and expanding the deportation apparatus by constructing detention camps and expanding ICE’s authority to detain and deport, he certainly didn’t engage in tearing children away from their parents like Trump is doing.

Wonderful as it is to see the progressives of this country continue to hold Trump, Sanders, and the rest of their ilk accountable, it is a bit frustrating that the immediate response is to disprove her with quotes from the Bible instead of reminding her that it doesn’t matter what it says in the Bible; the United States is governed by the Constitution,  which explicitly ensures a separation of church and state.

Maybe once Trump is out, the U.S. government can return to one run by laws, not scripture.

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