Hillary Clinton just broke the internet with her response to today’s James Comey private email bombshell


It would be an unnecessary waste of both time and resources to continue to ask “What Happened?” in the 2016 election, but no debate is necessary to draw one particular conclusion – Hillary Clinton and her entire campaign were actively derailed by the Trump Campaign.

The loose track which finally sent Clinton’s ultimate political aspirations careening off a cliff was the dreaded “Comey Memo” released in October of 2016 which signaled to Comey’s staff that Clinton would be investigated for additional emails used on her private email.

After that, Comey became Trump’s absolute favorite, even if he won’t properly credit him for handing him the election. That is, of course, until Trump himself came under investigation, so he fired Comey.

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For the last few months, the former FBI Director has been cautiously gliding alongside “The Resistance,” as we are occasionally too welcoming of the same Republicans who created a need for a resistance movement in the first place.

That all ended on Thursday when the inspector general released a report on Comey’s excessive investigation into the Clinton email scandal.

The findings of the report show that while Comey’s actions were “extraordinary and insubordinate,” he was not motivated by a political bias. It also showed that James Comey used his own private email on occasion to conduct FBI business.


That’s what prompted the woman who should be sitting in the White House to tweet this:

“But my emails,” Clinton scoffed while quote-tweeting a report of Comey’s misstep.

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Her joke calls back to a popular meme which began after the election and took off after the inauguration. The meme would feature a disaster scene of some kind, be it fire, flood, or nuclear destruction, with some superimposition of the phrase “but her emails,” as seen in the image below:

So, now that the U.S. has a president with multiple unsecured phones, a former F.B.I. Director with a private email server, and an entire Congress who couldn’t grasp the basic functions of Facebook well enough to give its CEO the interrogation he deserves, maybe it’s time computer science classes become a mandatory prerequisite to public service.


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