A mass shooting just unfolded at a dentist’s office in Colorado

An unidentified individual has opened fire inside a dentist’s office at 80th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard in Westminster, Colorado 9News reports. Police have yet to release information on the shooter or cause of the incident but are expected to offer an update soon.

At least two adults and two children suffered gunshot wounds and are known to have been transported to a local hospital. It’s still unclear how many victims there were in total, and if there were any fatalities.

Unfortunately, horrifying incidents like this are no longer surprising. Our country is awash in gun violence, and the Republicans in power refuse to take even the most rudimentary steps to staunch the bloodshed. As long as they continue to bow and scrape for their NRA donors and gun fetishists voters, events like this will continue to tear our nation apart at the seams.

UPDATE: the shooter is still at large, according to Al Boe News:

Watch local news coverage of the attack here:

Check back for updates as the situation develops.

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