Trump just told an absurd, mathematically impossible lie about the Korean War (WATCH)


That President Trump lies pathologically is not news.

The Washington Post has clocked him at an average of 6.5 lies per day since the start of his administration. At this point, the only way to deal with the flowing fountain of lies is by trying to rank them by the degree to which they inspire incredulity.

Here’s a nomination for what has to be the largest whopper for today … so far at least.

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Aaron Rupar, a journalist at ThinkProgress, posted the mathematically improbable claim on Twitter after seeing Trump make the claim on – where else? – Fox News.

Imagine that an armed forces member killed even at the very end of the Korean War active hostilities had to be at least 18 years old. Figure that the minimum age of the parents of that armed forces member was probably at least 18 when their child was born. That would make the parents a minimum of 36 years old in 1953 when the battles halted.


In 2016, those parents would be 99 years old.

While it is indeed possible that a few 99 year old seniors with deceased  veteran children that they lost in the Korean War were still alive in 2016, the likelihood that they were still spry enough to attend Trump rallies and get to petition the candidate about repatriating the remains of their offspring is infinitesimally low.

Trump, ever looking for an opportunity to proclaim himself a hero, just says whatever he thinks will make him look good and counts on the poor quality of the American education system after years of Republican cuts to education funding to ensure that no one will do the math to debunk the claims.

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He forgets that some of us went to school and know how to count. We count well enough to take odds on the bet that his 6.5 lies per day will increase exponentially as his presidency continues. It’s sucker’s money if you can find anyone to bet against you.

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