January 30, 2023

Trump just retaliated against Robert De Niro with a slew of childish insults in Twitter rant

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President Trump decided to fan the flames of his feud with beloved actor Robert De Niro today by taking to Twitter and accusing him of being a “very Low [sic] IQ individual” who has received “to [sic] many shots to the head by real boxers in movies.”


Yes, the President of the United States took to Twitter to belittle someone’s IQ and misspelled the word, “too.” But it doesn’t stop there.

He said De Niro is “punch-drunk” and then pivoted to an unrelated brag about the economy and employment (which is more due to Obama’s handling of the national economic recovery than anything Trump himself has done).

“Wake up Punch!” Trump ended the second tweet, coining a new insulting nickname for the actor in the process.

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The claims of brain damage are, of course, completely unfounded and a way for Trump to undermine De Niro’s vocal and completely understandable dislike for the president. The actor famously played a boxer in the classic film Raging Bull but again, that was a film.

De Niro is not a real boxer and doesn’t have brain damage from some career in combat sports. Then again, this isn’t the first time Trump has shown an inability to tell the difference between television/movies and the real world.

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Trump should be careful about escalating his war of words with De Niro because the actor is a far more intelligent, fearsome, and articulate man than our often incoherent president.

The new immature tweets were presumably in response to two recent incidents in which De Niro attacked him. This past weekend, during the 72nd Tony Awards, De Niro reminded us all just how much he dislikes the president by stepping up to the microphone and delivering a blunt, “Fuck Trump.” The remark was met with rapturous approval and a standing ovation.

Then, De Niro took another strong political stance against the Republican administration, this time to apologize to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and all of Canada for Trump’s recent, inexcusable at the G7 summit.

The economic meeting with some of our closest allies went completely off the rails, with Trump alienating the other attendees, storming off from the summit prematurely, and even personally attacking Trudeau by calling him “meek” and “mild.” It was a blow to the liberal world order, and a gift-wrapped present to countries like Russia who wish the see the disintegration of the western alliance.

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De Niro made his comments during an appearance in Toronto, Canada. He called out Trump for his “idiotic behavior” and adding that such behavior was a “disgrace” and “disgusting,” putting into words how most Americans now feel about their president’s actions at the G7.

Our elected leader is actively working to undermine global stability and American interests abroad, burning through our remaining credibility in the process. Luckily, there are Americans like De Niro who have the platform and courage to still engage with the rest of the world in a constructive fashion, hopefully demonstrating in the process that the world should not yet lose all faith in the United States.

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Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.

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