Trump’s Yemen coalition just bombed a Doctors Without Borders hospital

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Over the past year and a half, Donald Trump’s administration has slowly but steadily escalated our nation’s involvement in Saudi Arabia’s genocidal war against the Houthi rebels of Yemen.

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The United States military provides logistical assistance and material support to the Saudi-led coalition, which includes nine other nations but has failed to achieve any substantial strategic gains in three years of slaughter.

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What they have managed to accomplish is artificially create a famine by restricting food imports into the war-torn desert nation that threatens the lives of eight million people and exacerbate a cholera epidemic that has killed thousands and threatens another million people, on top of a relentless bombing campaign that has significantly inflated the civil war’s staggering death toll of 13,000 people. By November 2017, more than 130 children were dying every single day.

The sadistic excesses of the Saudi coalition were put on full display this weekend when a coalition airstrike leveled a Doctors Without Borders (Medicin Sans Frontiers, or MSF) cholera treatment center in Abs, Yemen.

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While casualty figures are not available as of yet, the damage to the structure is devastating, and MSF has been forced to freeze their humanitarian efforts in the area until their safety can be assured.

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Of course, their safety should have been guaranteed since MSF regularly provides coalition forces with the locations of their hospitals, though that hasn’t stopped the Saudis from bombing their hospitals before.

They have committed these war crimes and dozens of other atrocities against innocent Yemeni civilians with the blessing of the United States. We sold them the jets they fly, the bombs they drop, and use our satellites to help them find targets. Our special forces are on the ground to support Saudi troops.

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This is our war, and we are responsible for the horrifying crimes against humanity that are carried out with our blessing and enabled by our technology.

The burden of guilt doesn’t just fall on Trump – though his bowing and scraping before the Saudis certainly contribute to their ruthless sense of impunity. President Obama sold Saudi Arabia $100 billion in sophisticated weaponry and turned a blind eye to Saudi butchery.

The Senate was recently presented with a bipartisan bill to put an end to the United States’ complicity in these awful crimes, but ten Democrats voted against it, deciding it was more important for us to continue pouring our tax dollars into continuing our participation in a murderous war we didn’t start and have no reason to be in.

Few public figures bothered to acknowledge the event, the public unconcerned that one of the main sources of bipartisan cooperation in Washington is ensuring that our wars never end and the killing never stops.

A blown out hospital and the deaths of the people that relied on that hospital for treatment is their reward – just more sad names added to the endless scroll of the victims of American imperialism.

Colin Taylor

Managing Editor

Colin Taylor is the managing editor of the Washington Press. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor's degree in history and political science. He now focuses on advancing the cause of social justice, equality, and universal health care in America.

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