The former head of the CIA just tore into Trump over his disastrous G7 Trudeau blowup

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It takes a Trump supporter to look at the fact that the vast majority of living CIA directors prior to the Trump administration have all publicly condemned the president and his behavior and decide that it means that there is a deep state conspiracy against Trump rather than that the president is a criminally ignorant and incompetent leader.

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The latest former CIA director to point out the obvious is Michael Hayden, the retired U.S. Air Force four-star general who served as head of multiple intelligence agencies under President George W. Bush.

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Hayden appeared on CNN’s “New Day” this morning and excoriated President Trump for his incendiary and bellicose comments towards Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, declaring that the response made Trump look “unstable, erratic, and thin-skinned.”

“One of the arguments was that the president can’t show weakness, and that what Trudeau did required this robust response otherwise the president would appear to be weak as he flew to Singapore,” Hayden said on the CNN program.

“Trudeau did not make President Trump look weak. President Trump made President Trump look unstable, erratic, and thin-skinned,” Hayden concluded.

Trump went into an apoplectic fit after exiting the G7 conference of world leaders early when Trudeau announced that it was responding to the unilateral tariffs that Trump imposed on Canadian aluminum and steel due to “national security” concerns.

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Trump, with all the dignity of a bratty, spoiled child, immediately declared that he would now withdraw his signature from the joint communique traditionally issued by all of the G7 leaders after their summit and called Trudeau “dishonest and weak,” in a typical display of psychological projection.

General Hayden told CNN that Trump’s behavior at the summit made him feel “a mixture of sadness and, frankly, anger because no country deserves to be treated that way.”

“Certainly having officials in one government criticize the head of government in another country, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before, and for god’s sake, doing it against Canada after the prime minister issued a fairly mild statement about the Canadians just standing their ground and then to have him attacked on the Sunday morning talk shows,” he added.

The former CIA head was also asked if he thought that Trump’s belligerent grandstanding held any strategic value in advance of the summit. His reply?

“Oh my god, no.”

Trump’s refusal to play by the norms of international diplomacy may be seen by his base as a positive trait, but when all the people who have direct experience in the field say that his behavior is destructive and unhelpful, its time to remove him from control of our international relations…as soon as possible.

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