A State Department spokeswoman just tried to troll CNN on Twitter and it backfired immediately


The president of the United States is presently in Singapore, at the helm of a major summit between the U.S. and North Korea aimed at denuclearizing the unstable dictatorship of the northern peninsula.

Heather Hauert, the spokesperson for Trump’s state department, decided it would be an appropriate time to troll Trump’s nemesis – the free press – with a bizarre tweet:

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“Hey @cnn where was @Potus today? Meeting with his national security team and greeting our dedicated embassy colleagues from US Embassy Singapore! Without them, #SingaporeSummit wouldn’t be possible,” she tweeted, presumably from Singapore with Trump.

There are a few things wrong with her tweet. First and foremost, which branch of the American government is run by school-aged children?

Several users on Twitter were quick to point that out:


Journalist Phil Elliot pointed out the most glaring flaw in Nauert’s failed attempt to troll CNN – the event she references in her tweet was closed to the press:

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Nauert’s latest gaff follows just a few days after she apparently forgot what happened on D-Day, citing the successful invasion and defeat of German forces by U.S. forces in WWII as an example of the “long standing” relationship between the two countries.

As a result, Twitter pounced, unleashing a slew of scathing retorts which would normally earn them a block from the president, but he’s not allowed to do that anymore:


Also, for anyone else who has spent the last few days thinking “why does Heather Nauert look familiar outside of politics?” this user who dubbed her “Tired Cameron Diaz” solved that mystery.

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