John McCain just broke the internet with fiery response to Trump’s Trudeau feud.


While President Trump does everything he can to help fulfill Vladimir Putin’s greatest wish, the destruction of the Western alliance that has kept Europe in relative stability and prosperity since the end of the Second World War, less deranged members of the government are trying to reassure our now-spurned long-time allies and repair the damage the presidential bull has created in the metaphorical China shop of world relations.

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) may still be at home undergoing treatment for a rare and deadly form of brain cancer, but he’s still cognizant and patriotic enough to tweet a reassuring foreign policy message to the allies he’s worked alongside for most of his career, trying to counteract the message of disruption that the president seems hell-bent on conveying.

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Sending the crucial message that the current president only represents a minority viewpoint among the American people, a fact that should be obvious given Trump’s defeat in the popular vote by Hillary Clinton, McCain extends his hands across the waters in a principled attempt to bolster relationships stretched to the breaking point by the bad boy of international alliances.

Senator McCain wasn’t the only Trump adversary to tweet encouragement to our allies while denouncing the president’s undiplomatic conduct. The leaders of the Democratic Party in both chambers of Congress addressed Trump’s unprecedented behavior on Twitter.


Even former FBI Director James Comey weighed in,  addressing the rift that Trump loudly created with Canada yesterday after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that his nation would be retaliating against the unilateral tariffs on aluminum and steel exports that Trump imposed for “national security” reasons.

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Comey’s optimistic take that “this too shall pass” brings hope that the investigation that he started into the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia, an investigation handed off to Special Counsel Robert Mueller when Comey was fired by the president, may soon bear enough fruit that even a Republican-controlled Congress would be motivated to begin impeachment proceedings.

Perhaps it takes the threats of the destruction of our long-standing alliances and of the beginning of a worldwide recession due to the disruption in global trade to wake up enough people in the Republican Party to the dangers of continuing the Trump presidency. The alarm bells have been ringing for quite a while now — and they’re getting louder all the time.

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