A Fox News host just made the most honest gaffe in the conservative network’s history


No news outlet knows President Trump and his followers better than Fox News.

Their broadcasts set the marching orders for the president and his minions every day as Trump tweets out whatever talking points that Rupert Murdoch has his gratuitously smiling Fox & Friends automatons spew forth.

The mixture of material that the president’s favorite morning news show disseminates is usually a combination of lies, misinformation, distortion, and half truths, but the program made actual news today by telling the truth during its coverage of the arrival of President Trump in Singapore for him meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, even if it was only by an accidental Freudian slip.

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Discussing the upcoming summit, the Fox & Friends announcer made the fateful and unintentionally truthful statement as a passing aside in the middle of a comment about the potential consequences of the meeting between the two autocratic leaders:

“…regardless of what happens at that meeting between the two dictators…”

Has Fox News suddenly joined the resistance? Or was this another instance of the Ambien talking? Either way, it was the most truthful thing ever heard on Fox & Friends outside of the time and the weather.

The video below contains the moment of truth. Make sure to save it, as truth is a rare collector’s item in the world of Fox News.


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