Trump just responded to Trudeau with an unprecedented and enormously petty act


Donald Trump gets another big “F” on his report card for his ability to get along well with others.

His unprecedentedly disastrous appearance at the G7 summit in Quebec, where he alienated our nation’s long-standing allies on literally trumped-up trade issues while pressing for the readmittance of Russia to the group, left many Americans frustrated and embarrassed by his blustering incompetence.

His quixotic insistence that America has been exploited by what he considers unfair trade pacts with our closest allies led to an impasse at the conference as he tried to bully his way to victory by unilaterally abrogating existing trade deals and imposing hefty new tariffs on a steel and aluminum, among other goods.

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The relationships with the other G7 nations are not, as Trump paints them, “great” after his disruptive destruction of existing trade deals. His unprecedented decision to remove his signature from the joint communique issued by the G7 member nations in a fit of retaliatory pique demonstrated his pettiness and the weakness of his character to the entire world.


Immediately after Trump issued his woefully misinformed trade ultimatum via tweet, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada announced a set of retaliatory tariffs that mark the first response to a trade war that can lead to economic casualties on both sides of the border, with the least wealthy set to suffer the most as the new tariffs raise the costs of goods and lead to inflation that dilutes the purchasing power of everyday citizens.

Trump, of course, reacted to Prime Minister Trudeau’s response to his unprovoked economic assault with a pair of tweets raising the stakes even higher.

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How Americans in general, and that 36% of the country that still supports Trump in particular, will respond to the translation of the president’s fiery rhetoric into higher prices and lost jobs is yet to be seen, but neither of those consequences appear likely to have many fans.

As a raging bully, Trump’s misinterpretation of Trudeau’s polite exterior for weakness is not unexpected, in fact it’s exemplary of his inability to possess the slightest comprehension of the intricacies of international trade and diplomacy.


While calling the Canadian Prime Minister dishonest, Trump himself has continuously lied about the imbalance of trade between the U.S. and its northern neighbor. According to Time Magazine:

“Statistics from the Office of the United States Trade Representative refute Trump’s claim of a trade deficit. The U.S. government agency said U.S. had a $12.5 billion trade surplus for goods and services in 2016, exporting $320.1 billion and importing $307.6 billion.”

Now that seems very dishonest and weak.

With Trump on his way to Singapore to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the  botched trade negotiations may be the least of our country’s worries, and Canada’s too.

Those North Korean nuclear missiles may pass through Canadian skies on their way to the U.S. if Trump screws up the nuclear disarmament negotiations as badly as he has the trade deals with our allies. If one of those poorly tested missiles falls short of its intended target, Canada will be victim to Trump’s incompetence yet again.

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