Trump just attacked France and Canada’s leaders. Emmanuel Macron’s response is spot on


On the eve of the G-7 summit, Trump is busying alienating our closest allies on the world stage by posting incendiary threats on Twitter. Although he may think that his transparent tactics are going to be effective when faced with the world’s other most powerful countries, he is learning the hard way that bullying world leaders is not going to work this time.

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Trump may have committed to his brand of strong-man diplomacy is effective, but our allies seem to have reached their tipping points with this petulant manchild and his constant Twitter fits. French President Emmanuel Macron took to Twitter with a message that quickly let the air out of Trump’s ineffective maneuvering.

Not only are the other leaders of the G-7 countries (France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada and Italy) fed up with Trump’s misguided tariffs – which are not only expected to lead to a trade war but which the White House’s own analysis has determined will hurt U.S. economic growth – but also his glaring lack of values that this nation once proudly embodied.


While Trump continues to isolate America from its allies, Putin must be pleased that the leader he installed is playing right into his hands.

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