Roy Moore’s wife just got devastating news about her own run for office


Kayla Moore’s bad year just got worse.

Tha Alabama Republican first had to live through the humiliating and unprecedented loss of her husband, former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, in the race for Jeff Session’s old Senate seat.

Being the first Republican to lose to a Democrat in an Alabama Senate race in over 20 years was bad enough, but it was the reason for her husband’s defeat, the multiple allegations of sexual misconduct with under-aged teens who came forward during the election to confront him that must have been as rough for Mrs. Moore as her spouse’s defeat.

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Now Kayla Moore is facing another disappointment.  Her loss to the long-serving State Republican Executive Committee member Sandra Lasseter in the race for a seat on that committee representing Etowah County.

With Lasseter garnering 55% of the vote, the race wasn’t even close, providing a definitive end to the Moore family’s political ambitions, at least for the time being. Kayla Moore’s challenge to Lasseter was a long shot from the start, given the victor’s more than two-decade-long tenure on the executive committee, which governs the Alabama Republican party.

Mrs. Moore’s vigorous defense of her husband during his campaign and her deflection of attacks against his anti-semitism by declaring “one of our attorneys is a Jew” probably did not help her candidacy, even among Alabama Republicans, as much as she would have hoped.


If all goes well, both Kayla More and her roundly-defeated husband will now quietly fade from the political landscape and fade into the footnotes of history forever.

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