Republican Congressman just accidentally honored Nazis in abhorrent, since-deleted tweet

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Maybe it was just an innocent, if not very intelligent, mistake.

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In today’s political climate in America, however, you can never be too sure.

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Congressman Drew Ferguson (R-GA) may have been simply been trying to post a tweet honoring the anniversary of D-Day, arguably the most important battle in World War II as it marked the start of the allied invasion into Europe to turn back the German blitzkrieg that had placed most of western Europe under Nazi control.

The text of what he posted was an appropriate quote from President Harry Truman, praising the bravery of both American troops and the allies who fought alongside them on that fateful, casualty-laden day.

It was the picture that was the problem.

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See if you can spot the problem with the photo in the now-deleted tweet.

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Yes, the troops behind the “Honoring our heroes who served to hold our flag high” caption are German Nazis, not American G.I.’s.

Normally, there would be no question about the photo being a case of a harried and not too bright congressional staffer (or the Congressman himself) accidentally failing to check their sources carefully before attaching a photo to a rote inspirational tweet to commemorate the occasion.

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But in the wake of President Trump refusing to condemn the murderous neo-Nazi marchers in Charlottesville, Virginia last year, saying that there were “some very fine people” in the group, and the recent news of the U.S. Ambassador to Germany’s plans to support far-right ultra-nationalists in European elections going forward, it does make one wonder if there wasn’t at least a bit of a Freudian slip involved here.

With Republicans nominating actual neo-Nazis for office, not to mention accused pedophiles, it’s difficult to simply give the benefit of the doubt to a mistake like Representative Ferguson’s.

The Republican party has now gone so far beyond the realm of what was formerly considered acceptable viewpoints in polite American society that everything they do is now subject to closer examination.

Their acceptance of alt-right white supremacists as a major part of their conservative coalition puts them squarely on the losing side of World War II and of moral history. Vote them out!

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