A major resignation just rocked Trump’s EPA

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President Trump’s administrator to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Scott Pruitt has somehow managed to out-corrupt Donald Trump.

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In his short time as the head of the agency tasked with keeping industry from poisoning our drinking water, melting the icecaps and ending human civilization as we know it, Pruitt has single-handedly cost the American taxpayer over a million dollars in luxury travel, office upgrades, and security detail.

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The embattled EPA chief just recently lost a top aide who was tired of defending him against scandal, reports The Atlantic, his tenure so embroiled in scandal this it has actually started to scare people away.

Millan Hupp’s resignation will take effect as of Friday, the publication reported.

Hupp’s resignation comes just five days after reports surfaced contradicting Pruitt’s prior claims that “career staffers” within the EPA signed off on his gross expenditures, a practice which would be greatly reduced once he brought fresh blood into the fold.

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Hupp was part of that fresh blood, as he was one of two individuals who followed Pruitt from Oklahoma to D.C. Pruitt subsequently went over government officials heads to sign off on a pay raise for Hupp and Sarah Greenwalt, the other aide.

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Initial reports indicated Greenwalt would stay attached to the EPA, even in Hupp’s absence, but those reports have since changed indicating both women have stepped down:

Details about Greenwalt’s departure are slim at the moment, but her grievances likely echo those expressed by Hupp.

A top EPA official told The Atlantic that Hupp was “tired of being thrown under the bus by Pruitt” and seeing her name appear in headlines connected to the EPA’s scandals.

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When asked for a comment, EPA spokeswoman Jahan Wilcox apparently forgot what the title “spokeswoman” means. She reportedly told The Atlantic reporter who contacted her to, “have a great day,” before adding, “you’re a piece of trash.”

It was hardly a week ago the right was up in arms, crying “unfair!” when Samantha Bee invoked the C-word to describe Ivanka Trump’s thoughtless Memorial Day photo.

Critics called the move “unfair commentary” on the president’s daughter, even though she’s his senior adviser. Now, an official whose job title literally contains the verb “to speak” refuses to make comments, instead opting to insult reporters and leave American voters in the cold.

These people actually hate the jobs they have. Though they might not say it publicly, their actions make it so evident they hope the blue wave washes them out of Washington and back to scamming people out of their money, far from the public eye.

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Salvatore Nicholas

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