October 6, 2022

Trump just unleashed a pathetic Twitter rant against Super Bowl winners the Philadelphia Eagles

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Yesterday, Trump’s infamous penchant for pettiness was once again put on full display when he uninvited the Philadelphia Eagles, the 2018 Super Bowl Champs, from the White House.


The pathetic stunt was a reaction to the news that several members of the team had no interest in visiting with a president who regularly attacks NFL players’ right to protest police brutality against people of color by kneeling during the national anthem.

Several players had stated they had no intention of going, with some saying that they didn’t wish to show support for Trump and his agenda. Wide Receiver Torrey Smith previously made his feelings towards Trump clear on CNN.

“For me, it’s not just about politics. If I told you that I was invited to a party by an individual I believe is sexist or has no respect for women or I told you that this individual has said offensive things towards many minority groups, and I don’t feel comfortably by it.” said Smith.

“This individual also called my peers and my friends SOB’s, you would understand why I wouldn’t want to go to that party. Why is it any different when the person has title of President of the United States?” he added.

The White House released a disingenuous statement in which they attacked the Eagles players’ love for their country and implied that they have no respect for the military, a rich accusation coming from a president who mocked POW’s and attacked a Gold Star family.

Today, Trump woke up and decided to keep the feud going. He took to Twitter to promote the fact that his administration would be “proudly playing the National Anthem and other wonderful music celebrating our Country[sic].”

There are few things as insincere as Trump’s pretend patriotism. Here’s a man who it appears increasingly likely colluded with Russia to undermine our democracy. He doesn’t care about anything beyond his own ego and the power he has been able to seize through the Oval Office.

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The tweet also included the tidbit “NFL, no escaping to Locker Rooms [sic]!” in reference to the league’s announcement that players must either stand for the anthem or remain in their locker rooms until the song ends. There is something distinctly creepy about an avowed, prolific, sexual predator talking about “no escaping.”

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The event was meant to honor the Eagles and instead Trump has made it about himself.

Trump wasn’t done there and brought up other teams that have visited the White House recently. The statement really has no bearing on the current scandal but is just another attempt by Trump to malign the Eagles by making them appear less patriotic than other professional teams.

Last night, he was even more blunt with his criticism. He attacked the Eagles because “only a small number of players” wanted to meet him, which is more an indictment of him than anything else.

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The players should be lauded for standing up to the would-be authoritarian. He called the act of protesting police brutality during the national anthem “disrespectful to our country,” when in reality the ability to exercise First Amendment rights is one of the cornerstones of our democracy.

Trump returns to issues like the NFL kneeling controversy again and again because it allows him to distract from all the ways in which he is damaging this country. He knows he can’t speak intelligently about policies so focuses on inane culture war issues.

It’s crucial that he be rebuffed for attacking players’ right to protest, but we must also maintain focus on the more substantive policy issues. Trump must be fought on all fronts if our democracy is going to survive.

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Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.

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