Trump Jr. just made a rookie mistake in response to the anti-gay baker ruling and everyone is laughing


Donald Trump Jr., the thoroughly unlikeable court jester of his father’s execrable administration, took to Twitter today to remind everyone how little he understands the American government and why he shouldn’t be within spitting distance of any meaningful policy decisions.

Today, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Colorado baker who refused to bake a cake for a same-sex marriage on religious grounds. The court said that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission that handled the issue demonstrated hostility towards the baker because of his beliefs.

The ruling is considered “narrow” because the specific nature and details of the case make it unlikely that it will set a strong precedent and leaves open the possibility that future bakers in similar situations could lose their cases.

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“Today’s decision is remarkably narrow, and leaves for another day virtually all of the major constitutional questions that this case presented. It’s hard to see the decision setting a precedent,” said CNN’s Supreme Court analyst Steve Vladeck.

Shortly after the narrow ruling was announced, Trump Jr. rushed to Twitter to state that the 7 – 2 vote didn’t seem “narrow” to him. Of course, as stated above, “narrow” simply refers to the fact that the case does not set a broader precedent, and has nothing to do with the actual margin in the vote split.

The president’s son was so eager to paint the ruling as a massive victory for the religious right that he ended up blasting out his ignorance to his almost 3 million Twitter followers.


In typical Trumpian fashion, he has refused to admit he was wrong or delete the tweet even after he was swarmed by people correcting his mistake. Instead, he dug in his feet and tried to paint the use of the word “narrow” as a liberal trick.

Responses were less than warm and exactly what Trump Jr. deserved.

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While it’s funny to see Trump Jr. get slammed for ignorance, it’s also a sobering reminder that the people with some of the most power in our country right now have no idea how our government works. Trump Jr. doesn’t have an official role in his father’s administration, but a close confidant of the president and one of his favorite media attack dogs. One can’t help but pine for the days when our president and those around him actually knew what they were doing.

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Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.