Rock superstar Jack White just rewrote one of his classic songs into an epic anti-Trump anthem

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Jack White, frontman of the hard rocking band White Stripes until it disbanded in 2011, isn’t as continuously political as some musicians but he clearly dislikes Donald Trump. 

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White headlined The Governor’s Ball in New York City on Friday night and revived his 2007 song “Icky Thump” with pointed new lyrics aimed directly at the president. 

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Instead of Icky Thump, the song became Icky Trump.

The lyrics were altered and expanded, according to, so the end verse White sang “Who’s using who/What should we do?/Well, you can’t be a pimp/And a prostitute, too, Trump!”

The lyrics include a reference to the U.S. immigration policies: “White Americans, what? Nothing better to do/Why don’t you kick yourself out/You’re an immigrant too.”

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The refrain is “Icky Trump. Icky Trump. Icky Trump.”

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Trump first came to White’s attention in 2016 when the singer accused Trump of using his song, “Seven Nation Army” for their campaign without permission.

White began selling red T-shirts with the logo “Icky Trump” on the front, and the lyrics on the back:

White Americans? What?
Nothing better to do?
Why don’t you kick yourself out?
You’re an immigrant too.
Who’s using who?
What should we do?
Well, you can’t be a pimp
And a prostitute too.

The Third Man Records store website still offers the T-shirts for sale at $25 each.

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The Detroit rocker, and his wife Meg (who is also his creative collaborator and plays drums and percussion while he sings and plays guitar have always shown a very independent streak.

They frequently do things like playing a surprise show at a local high school at no cost as they recently did in Washington, D.C.

If Trump represents the rich, powerful and corporate, White represents the working man, the independents and those who will never be categorized.

White writes songs with lyrics that come from his heart and soul and what he believes is true, and in this case, he is clearly sharing this belief the current president is “Icky.”

Benjamin Locke

Benjamin Locke is a retired college professor with an undergraduate degree in Industrial Labor and Relations from Cornell University and an MBA from the European School of Management.

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