Eric Trump just said the presidency made his dad’s life “worse.” Chrissy Teigen’s response is ALL of us

Westchester Magazine is a typical local suburban glossy publication filled with fluffy stories of local interest and ads for luxury goods. You know the type, a publication aimed at an upper-middle-class audience that ignores the cares of the world in favor of a carefully manicured vision of consumerism and leisure time.

It’s exactly the kind of publication that you’d expect to find a fawning story about Eric Trump, the younger of the president’s sons with his first wife Ivana, and his wife Lara.

Among the descriptions of the happy couple’s home, furnishings, clothing, and family life in suburban New York, however, the profile of the lesser known Trump scion includes a plaintive tale of the downsides of the riches and fame that accompany a life as the son of this particular president.

“Every day, you get abused by somebody,” Eric Trump says, echoing his father’s attacks on the media, “and the next thing you know, you’re being parodied on Saturday Night Live. It comes with the territory. We stood center stage with my father during the campaign and beyond.”

While Eric realizes that he and the older children in the Trump family are legitimate targets for journalistic attacks, he places his younger half-siblings out of bounds.

“We are adults; we’ve developed a bit of an armor,” he says, “but Barron and Tiffany should be 100 percent off-limits.”

Eric courts the tiny violins when he discusses the effect that his father’s political endeavors have had on the family.

“There would be far fewer headaches if it weren’t for politics,” he says, adding that it’s somewhat mollified “when you know you’re in it for the right reasons.”

“My father’s life became exponentially worse the minute he decided to run for president. He didn’t need to do this, but he was immensely frustrated with where the country was going.”

It was this last line that inspired Chrissy Teigen, model, cookbook author, and wife of singer John Legend, to take to Twitter with an appropriate response after seeing a story about the quote on The Hill.

That Chrissy Teigen, always reaching her hands across the aisle! By the way, Eric, you can always urge your father to return to his old life as a real estate developer and reality TV host. The sooner the better for all concerned.

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