An FBI agent just accidentally shot someone while dancing at a bar (WATCH)


Next time you attempt to impress your fellow partiers on the dance floor with a back flip, remember to stow your firearms.

That’s the lesson to be learned from an incident that happened in Denver early yesterday morning when an off-duty FBI agent had a gun fall out of his pants mid-flip and inadvertently shoot a spectator of his acrobatic moves in the leg.

The gun went off as the loose-limbed agent retrieved the gun from the floor of the bar, Mile High Spirits, shortly before 1 AM. The man who was hit by the errant bullet was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover without major issues.

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The unidentified boogieing FBI agent was taken in for questioning by Denver police and was eventually released to the custody of an FBI supervisor.

It has yet to be determined whether the gun in question was the agent’s service weapon and whether any charges will be filed.

While an FBI agent has a legitimate reason to be armed, the wisdom of executing a back flip while carrying a loosely-secured gun on your person is questionable to say the least, no matter how fleet of foot you may consider yourself.


It’s just more proof that the more guns we have in society, the less safe we are.

You can watch the FBI agent’s fancy footwork and clumsy revolver retrieval in the video clip below.

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