An ex-Trump campaign advisor just publicly threw him under the bus in damning tweet


Remember Sam Nunberg? He was a Trump campaign aide and associate of Roger Stone who made a meteoric blip across cable TV news screens back in March when he decided to announce that he was going to defy a subpoena from Special Counsel Robert Mueller to produce documents and testify before a grand jury in the probe of Russian collusion with the Trump electoral effort.

Nunberg made a manic marathon media blitz daring Mueller to arrest him, garnering speculation that either he was off his meds or taking some powerful new ones that weren’t working as intended.

Whatever the cause of his public meltdown, he eventually relented and testified before the grand jury for more than six hours, presumably repeating his public assertion that Trump foreign policy aide Carter Page had colluded with Russian agents.


Now Nunberg is back in the news after his response to President Trump’s tweet this morning regarding his former campaign manager Paul Manafort went viral.

Trump attacked the FBI for not informing them of their investigation into Manafort’s shady financial dealings during the campaign in an attempt to distance himself from his former senior electoral strategist, a move that may indicate that new developments could be dropping soon that will merit keeping Manafort’s activities as far from the president as possible.


When Nunberg saw Trump’s tweet, it smacked to him as a case of revisionist history, and he took to Twitter to set the record straight from his own perspective.

While Trump may have been lucky that Manafort was on his team in Nunberg’s view, if the now indicted former campaign chief was indeed responsible for Trump’s victory at the Republican National Convention, the rest of America was the victim.

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As justified as Nunberg’s attacks on Trump may be, they could be discounted by some observers because of his long history of antipathy towards the president. He was fired by the Trump campaign early on after old Facebook posts containing racist comments surfaced, and he subsequently endorsed Senator Ted Cruz for the Republican candidacy.

He also has been quoted as saying that Trump “does not have a coherent political ideology” and that “there is nobody who hates him more than me.” Given the strength of the resistance against the Trump regime, that’s a title that will attract a challenge to Nunberg from a multitude of Americans.

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