Jim Carrey just weighed in on “missing Melania” conspiracy theory with epic tweet

Jim Carrey is so prolific with his political editorial cartoon series that going to his Twitter feed is a daily delight.

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The noted actor and comedian’s talent for satirical drawings became apparent last fall when his level of frustration with the Trump administration led him to post new cartoons more frequently until he’s now posting practically everyday.

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His latest work targets the controversy over the mysterious disappearance of First Lady Melania Trump since it was announced that she was entering Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for what was described as “an embolization procedure to treat a benign kidney condition.”

That particular procedure is typically dealt with on an outpatient basis, but Melania was in the hospital for several days and hasn’t been seen in public since she entered the medical facility 23 days ago.

Her puzzling absence from public view has given rise to a host of conspiracy theories about her fate, from the idea that the procedure you actually underwent was some type of plastic surgery that typically requires weeks of recovery time before the facial swelling subsides to more sinister theories involving the dissolution of the presidential marriage after the revelations of serial infidelity by her husband with multiple sex industry workers.

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Carrey offers an even more diabolical theory in his latest drawing. Inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s classic film, A Clockwork Orange, the actor shows Melania undergoing the type of psychological manipulation that the film’s protagonist undergoes to curb his violent tendencies.

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The scariest thing about the bleak scenario that the iconic comedian depicts is how sadly believable that scenario actually is in the current administration.

For those Trump supporters sure to attack Carrey for his promulgation of fantastical explanations for Mrs. Trump’s unusually low profile these last few weeks, remember: live by the conspiracy theory, die by the conspiracy theory.

Meanwhile, we anxiously await the next installment of Jim Carrey’s oeuvre in his gallery of monsters of the Trump era.

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