Trump just told reporters a huge lie about Kim Jong-un’s letter and instantly took it back (WATCH)

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Trump’s protean relationship with the brutal North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un vacillates between threats of unimaginable nuclear holocaust and coy diplomatic flirtation.

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The planned summit between the two leaders in Singapore was so heavily publicized and milked for media coverage by the administration that they even trotted out a line of asinine coins, only to end up looking foolish when the meeting was canceled by the North Koreans, only for it to later appear tentatively on the books again.

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The rollercoaster of it all might be funny if millions of innocent lives weren’t on the line. Instead, it’s a reminder of how deeply unstable our elected leader is.

Earlier today, Kim Jong-un’s close advisor Kim Yong-chol visited the White House, making him the highest-ranking North Korean official to visit the United States in 18 years.

The express purpose of the visit was to resuscitate the aborted summit, and Kim Yong-chol came bearing a letter written by the North Korean dictator to the American President. After the meeting, Trump emerged to announce that the summit has been put back on the calendar.

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The president addressed the press and bragged about the “very good meeting.” He said he received a “very nice letter” from Kim Jong-un.

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“Oh, would you like to see what was in that letter. How much? How much? ” he teased the reporters.

One of the reporters asked for the “flavor” of the letter. “It was a very interesting letter and at some point, I may be, it may be appropriate, it may be, I’ll be able to give it to you maybe. You’ll be able to see it. And maybe fairly soon.” Trump made it very clear that not only had he read the letter but that its contents were newsworthy.

He lied.

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During the same address to the press, but later in his comments, Trump admitted that he hadn’t actually read Kim’s letter. When asked how he responded to the letter and if he was sending anything back Trump admitted that he hadn’t read it.

“I haven’t seen the letter yet. I purposely didn’t open the letter. I haven’t opened it. I didn’t open it in front of the director. I said, ‘Would you want me to open it?’ He said, ‘You can read it later.’ I may be in for a big surprise,” Trump said.

Once again, our president has been caught in an act of flagrant mendacity, and this time he didn’t even bother waiting to admit it.

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Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.

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