Trump just butchered a simple word live in front of the U.S. Coast Guard (WATCH)


This morning, Trump attended a Coast Guard change of command ceremony, at which he attempted to put a more formal front on display by at least attempting to read from the teleprompter. And even that managed to backfire for the president.

Despite assurances that he has the “best words,” Trump seemed to have encountered an especially tricky one that the 71-year-old full-grown leader of the free world couldn’t quite master.

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That’s “prowess,” which, ironically, refers to one’s skills or expertise in a particular field. For example, Trump’s prowess as an orator is dismal at best.

Of course, the rest of his speech followed along similar lines, with the president referring to the U.S. Coast Guard as a “brand.”

“I don’t think any brand has gained more momentum … than the United States Coast Guard,” he said, as if the military branch is hawking t-shirts and hats on Instagram.


Perhaps Trump should spend a little less time systematically dismantling the foundations on which our democracy stands and a little more time practicing his vocabulary. Or at least ask his speechwriter to stick to one-syllable words.

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