August 10, 2022

Schwarzenegger just humiliated Trump with a brilliant response to his coal industry pandering

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Arnold Schwarzenegger might identify as a republican, but that’s the only similarity between the Austrian-born muscle giant and the bloated orange bigot currently poking his tiny hands all around the White House.


The legendary actor and former Governor of California took a brilliant swipe at the president’s administration on Twitter today, proving once again that Trump’s age is no excuse for his completely appalling presence on the social media site.

In his post, the actor quotes a report indicating Trump has plans to prolong the use of coal and nuclear plants in spite of the fact that both industries have long been in decline because of unsafe conditions and a global shift to green power.

 “I eagerly await the administration’s regulations protecting pagers, fax machines, and Blockbuster,” Schwarzenegger chided.

The attached report cites a memo in which Trump directs the Energy Department to instruct grid operators to buy power from a list of designated coal and nuclear plants on the bring of collapse. The memo reportedly sends instructions to Energy Secretary Rick Perry to take “immediate steps” to save the dying industries.

In other words, “hurry up and destroy the planet.”

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Just a few short characters were all it took for Schwarzenegger to deliver a brilliant commentary on the Trump administration’s complete deference from reality, instead prioritizing the interests of the those in Trump’s close circle who stand to lose profit from a shift away from fossil and nuclear fuels toward sustainable energy sources.

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Trump has leveraged the plight of the coal region since his 2016 campaign, promising those left destitute by the industry’s collapse from the Northern regions of Pennsylvania to the deep woods of Appalachia that their jobs would come back, though they never truly will.

Schwarzenegger and Trump have been at odds for years, though the fights and slights at one another have garnered public attention because of Trump’s tenure in the White House.

In February, the Austrian giant attacked Trump, tweeting that you don’t drain the swamp by defending gerrymandering, delivered after the president spoke out against Pennsylvania’s new congressional map.

The previous map used in the state of Pennsylvania was ruled unconstitutional by the state’s Supreme Court, which noticed and unfairly constructed map with an implicit Republican bias.

The switch could swing the state back to blue, which terrifies Trump’s extreme-right base ahead of the midterms- hence the president vocal opposition which earned him that slap from the muscled giant.

Trump has taken his own jabs at Schwarzenegger, having called him a “bad governor” and claiming NBC fired the actor over the “bad (pathetic) ratings” Celebrity Apprentice saw after Schwarzenegger signed on to host the show.

Of course, Trump would never have the courage to acknowledge that the association of the Trump brand with the show he’d hosted for so long helped bring about the show’s demise. After his election, #GrabYourWallet protests started around the country, urging consumers to hit Trump where it hurts the most – in the wallet – and boycott Trump family businesses and retailers which stocked their goods.

The Apprentice was one such Trump business on their list, and the campaign was effective, causing the program to lose more than half its advertisers.

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The orange buffoon has never had to accept responsibility for any of his failures, running off with bankruptcy settlements from business after business, leaving many unemployed as he reaped the benefits of his – and only his – fresh start. It’s no wonder he’s oblivious to his hand in the demise of the show on which he formerly starred.

The perfect culmination of this feud would be a physical fitness test between Trump and Schwarzenegger in the former body builder’s old stomping grounds in Santa Monica’s Muscle Beach.

After all, Ronny Jackson gave Trump a clean bill of health. “The fittest president in history” could certainly take down a mere civilian and, in Trump’s own words, a “failed governor.”

Plus, having Trump on the West Coast would give Barron and Melania ample time to escape his clutches.

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Salvatore Nicholas

Salvatore is a producer, political writer, comedian and LGBTQ activist (in no particular order). He resides in Los Angeles with his two cats and encyclopedic knowledge of Britney's discography.

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