North Korea just gave Trump a huge envelope, and the internet had a field day


President Trump met with the number two man in North Korea, Kim Jong Chol, at the White House today in anticipation of a summit meeting with his boss Kim Jong-un in Singapore later this month.

Kim Jong Chol, the former head North Korean head spy, brought along a letter from Kim Jong-un to hand deliver to Trump and the two posed for a publicity photo with the oversized envelope that the letter was sealed within.

The photo had the comical effect of making Trump’s hands look exceedingly small and Twitter, of course, had a field day with it. Here’s a sampling of the tweeted responses:

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Yes, Mary.


Thanks to all the Twitter wags who made us smile at a time when not much is seeming so funny. Let’s hope Trump learns from this experience and begins to speak softly and carry a big envelope.

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