“Melania” just addressed the conspiracy theories about her absence and made things even worse


After a 20-day absence from public view following what was billed as a minor surgery, conspiracy theories began to circulate as to the whereabouts of First Lady Melania Trump.

Some suggested that Melania moved back to New York, others that she is cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and one even implied that she is currently working with the Obamas on a tell-all book about the Trump presidency.

Ridiculous as these may be, her absence was still notable and garnering national attention. This morning, Melania took to Twitter to address the concerns with a tweet that raises more questions than answers them.

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The tweet reads uncharacteristically accusatory for the First Lady, with pointed references to “the media,” oddly reminiscent of tweets written by her husband.

While Melania – or whoever the author of the tweet is – had hoped to assuage concerns and put the conspiracy theories to rest, that person has certainly fallen short of their objective.


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We can only hope that Melania, wherever she is, is safe and sound.


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