June 29, 2022

Jim Carrey just exposed Trump and the NFL in the most humiliating way

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Actor/artist/activist Jim Carrey has been prolific in his production of devastatingly satirical political cartoons during the Trump regime, skewering every aspect of the administration’s destructive reign.


Today, Carrey turned his attention to the collusion between the president and the cowardly NFL owners who bent to his will in threatening to fine any player who expressed his First Amendment rights by taking the knee during the national anthem to protest racist police brutality.

Carrey criticized the NFL for its actions on a day when it was revealed that several NFL owners gave court depositions about their discussions with President Trump about how to handle the protests that Trump has so vociferously opposed.

The comic actor first hit the NFL in a sore spot by characterizing their treatment of players who often suffer traumatic brain injuries during the everyday course of playing the violent game as deeply exploitive and accusing the league of abandoning the players to their dismal medical fate once they’re no longer of use to the team owners.

He then attacks the league where it hurts them the most, in their bottom line, by going after the corporations who keep the NFL afloat with their sponsorship dollars.

In a composition including a screaming, ranting Trump behind an NFL podium with an array of brand logos behind him, Carrey perfectly captures the anger of a racist president towards the predominantly African American players in the league and the complicity of the corporations who make the league profitable in supporting the new NFL policy banning the protests.

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Whose side are Nationwide, Pepsi, Ford, and the other NFL sponsors on is indeed the question. Another big question is whether the NFL owners are more afraid of a boycott from the right than a boycott from the left.

Thanks to Jim Carrey we already have a handy visual reference of brands that could be included in a progressive boycott of the NFL’s major cash cows. Unless. of course, any of them take the time before the next season begins to clarify their own stance on the issue of police brutality and earn the right to be excluded from a boycott.

One thing’s for sure, Jim Carrey will be watching with a marker pen in hand ready to illustrate the next phase in the ongoing story.

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