Original “Roseanne” writer just weighed in on show’s cancellation


Roseanne has officially been canceled by ABC.

Here’s the thing, though – Roseanne Barr had effectively been cancelled by anyone with even the tiniest inkling of progressive values since the late ’90s when she initially began her pivot from middle-class champion to the right wing extremist loon she was trying to brand herself as now.

Few would be more pained by this particular pivot than the writers who worked beside her in her heyday, like current Modern Family executive producer and former Roseanne writer Danny Zuker.

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Prior to ABC’s cancellation, Zuker tweeted his support for one of the Roseanne reboot’s executive producers, famed comedian (and contender for Queen of the Lesbians against Ellen DeGeneres) Wanda Sykes.

After Barr’s incredibly racist Tuesday morning tweet, Sykes announced her resignation from the show. The move rightfully ignited left-wing blowback against the production which likely played a factor in its cancellation.


But Zuker didn’t stop there.

He issued another tweet shortly after:

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“I wrote on the original “Roseanne” where we used to denounce nativism, racism & homophobia. Nauseating to see what she’s become. looking forward to continue not watching this show.”

Thankfully for Zuker and the rest of the country, no one will be subject to Barr’s normalization of the right-wing agenda from the Conner’s living room ever again.

However, his words do pose an interesting question – why did ABC think this reboot was necessary in the first place? Barr has been a vocal racist for most of the new millennia, and the only reason her blatant racism went unnoticed was due to the lack of a soapbox on which she could screech it out. Until ABC decided it was time for a reboot, of course.

Well, she got her platform, and she face planted right off of the side of it.


We must be sure to hold ABC accountable for this horrendous decisions and not applaud them for fixing a problem that they caused.

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