June 29, 2022

CNN’s Ana Navarro just danced on Roseanne’s and the Republican Party’s graves

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The right-wing took two serious blows today, one in the world of pop-culture, the other in the political world.


The day got off to a roaring start when conservative darling Roseanne Barr torpedoed her own career by inexplicably deciding to send out an appalling racist and Islamophobic tweet comparing a woman of color to apes and terrorists.

Apparently disgusted with herself for limiting her rant to African Americans and Muslims, she soon doubled down and took a shot at the Jews, accusing a prominent Holocaust survivor of collaborating with the Nazis.  ABC canceled her show within hours.

And just in case Roseanne’s demise wasn’t enough for conservatives to deal with, the news gods fired a bolt of lightning in the form of Missouri Governor Eric Greitens’ resignation.

The long-embattled Republican governor finally stepped down early Tuesday evening after being arrested on felony charges for sexual blackmail when it was discovered that he had tied up his mistress and took nude photographs of her specifically for blackmail purposes.  He also sexually assaulted her in his basement and later physically beat her.

As if the content of the news isn’t bad enough, the reactions from many conservative pundits has been atrocious.  On talk radio, cable news, and across social media, commentators on the right have contorted themselves to explain away the days’ events in a desperate attempt to minimize their impact and outright excuse their substance.

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CNN’s Ana Navarro is having none of it.  For some reason, she still considers herself a Republican, though one who’s been on the ‘Never Trump’ train since it left the station during the campaign.  She took to social media to capture the embarrassment and humiliation more traditional Republicans must be feeling right about now in one blistering tweet.

“It’s not every day you get to use, ‘Hasta la vista, baby,’ twice in one day,” she tweeted. “Today is one of those days. Good riddance to Roseanne and Greitens. The world is a teenie-weenie better today.”

The scariest part for the Republican Party is that the day isn’t over, and President Trump has yet to chime in.  He’ll inevitably be alone with his phone at some point, and he’s scheduled to appear at a rally Tuesday night in Nashville, Tennessee.  The GOP, meanwhile, is bracing for the damage like midwesterners huddling in their basement as a tornado passes overhead.

Stay tuned!

Peter Mellado

Peter Mellado is a writer, producer, and a branding and messaging specialist with over 15 years experience. He studied history at San Jose State University, and resides in Los Angeles.

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