May 25, 2022

Trump’s favorite Fox News show just made fun of a black man for misspelling a word [WATCH]

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Speling maters.

If you don’t think so, you probably want to defund our already horrendously under-funded educational system.

Yes, you could probably glean the meaning of the first sentence of this article despite the misspellings, because scientists say that the brain figures out the context of words and then makes predictions about what’s missing and what’s to come to enable us to figure out the meaning.

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It is context, however, that makes a misspelling or grammatical error in a presidential tweet more significant than one in anything an ordinary citizen would write. We expect communications from official sources to be spelled and composed properly to avoid misunderstandings and to give us confidence that we’re not being governed by a bunch of morons.

All of this is a prelude to pointing out the hypocrisy of President Trump’s favorite morning “news” team, the plastic-smiled talking heads on Fox & Friends on Fox News. The show decided to ridicule the spelling mistakes of an African American New York City resident who is suing the owner of a liquor store for shooting him after he was caught shoplifting.

In an act of corporate synergy, Fox & Friends host Anna Kooiman read aloud from an article in the New York Post — owned, as is Fox News, by Trump ally Rupert Murdoch — an excerpt from the lawsuit filed by the man, Shawn Harris, and mocking him as neither a competent thief nor a literate writer.

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“I want to be compusated [sic] 2.7 million dollars for my injuries,” Harris’ suit mistakenly read.

Contrast the Fox News hosts’ literacy shaming of a presumably under-educated alleged thief to the treatment that President Trump’s continual — and often deliberatemisspellings and errant capitalization in the tweets he sends out nearly every day.

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With his “unpresidented” number of literary malfunctions, Trump has never been brought to task by Fox News for his feeble command of his native language, “wether” writing about the “Special Council,” his hope for “lasting peach” in Israel, or the people serving in the “Marine Core.” He also misspelled his own wife’s name as “Melanie.”

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(Please note, all of the quoted misspellings are derived from actual tweets sent by the President of the United States! You know, the guy who has the nuclear codes!)

While the folks at Fox & Friends apparently feel that it’s fine to make fun of the mistakes made by an uneducated black thief, it has no problem excusing the same behavior from a white Wharton-educated president who presumably should know a whole lot better.

Now there’s something to ponder as you drink your morning “covfefe.”

You can watch the mocking story on Fox & Friends in the video clip below.

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