Republican Party just joined Trump in profiting from fallen soldiers on Memorial Day with shameful tweet


Which is the most patriotic activity you can sponsor or participate in on Memorial Day in America? Is it a parade? A visit to the local veterans’ cemetery? Posting a series of tweets praising veterans in sanctimonious language?

Well, if you’re President Trump and the Republican party, the answer is to profit but partaking in a Memorial Day Weekend sale.

Yes, the GOP is offering a whopping 25% discount on everything in the entire official Trump store to honor the brave fallen service members who gave their lives to protect the way of life that the Republicans are in the process of dismantling.

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Choose from a selection of Trump-Pence flags and beach towels, MAGA hats, sweatbands,  swimsuits, and beer cozies, and, for the more sexually adventurous Trump fans, the MAGA leash and the matching Trump-Pence dog collar, although those last two items could also be used to control your pets in case the president forgets to provide his daily dog whistle.

All for a huge discount of 25%! But only if you remember to include the code “REMEMBER,” so don’t forget to remember to use REMEMBER.


Because nothing says “We appreciate your sacrifice!” like purchasing a Trump MAGA mug emblazoned with the saying “I ♥ waking up & remembering that Donald Trump is President.” That last gift would be particularly appropriate for any bulimics or amnesiacs in your family.

That the man who has dedicated his presidency to generating as much personal profit from his position as humanly possible would turn one of the country’s most solemn holidays into an occasion to clear out his inventory of political tchotchkes is somehow not the least bit surprising.

The only advice one can give is to shop now while the prices are low and REMEMBER to vote for Democrats in the mid-term elections to avoid debacles like this in the future.

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