February 8, 2023

John McCain just issued a powerful message for Memorial Day

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As a draft-dodging president pretends to care about our nation’s military personnel on a day of remembrance for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the country’s values, a senior elected government official who actually served in the armed forces — and who still believes in those shared values — issued a much more meaningful Memorial Day statement than the president who works everyday to undermine the rules of our democracy.


Senator John McCain (R-AZ) took to Twitter to outclass President Trump in every way possible.

Unlike President Trump, Senator McCain focused on the true purpose of today’s holiday, honoring those who have sacrificed their lives to guard our nation’s democracy from just the type of authoritarianism that is increasingly creeping into our society under the guise of an ethnic nationalism that belies the principles that created our nation of immigrants.

Unlike President Trump, the Senator doesn’t use the occasion for self-promotion or the hawking of his own agenda and supposed accomplishments. With McCain’s status as a former prisoner of war in Vietnam as widely known as President Trump’s multiple deferments for bone spurs, the Senator doesn’t need to insecurely boast about himself or his achievements on a day dedicated to true heroes.

The responses to Senator McCain’s tweet show that many people felt similarly about the comparison between his Memorial Day message and that of the man struggling to live up to the title Commander-in-Chief. Here’s a response that sums up the many messages of thanks to the ailing senator, now undergoing treatment for a rare form of brain cancer, for his years of service to the country.

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Senator McCain, unfortunately represents a disappearing, principled wing of a Republican party that has been subsumed by opportunistic, valueless political strivers hitching their fortunes to the runaway train that is Trumpism and the faux populism that it espouses.

The Republican party has largely abandoned the principles that McCain holds so dearly and now hardly represents the values that our fallen military heroes fought and gave their lives for.

Remember the sacrifice these men and women made for all of us by honoring them in the best way possible: participating in our democracy by voting for the candidates who will reinforce the values that they defended — in the primaries, in the midterms, and beyond.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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