January 29, 2023

Giuliani just got booed at Yankee Stadium. Michael Avenatti’s response is breaking the internet

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Even Michael Avenatti was surprised.


The attorney for former Trump paramour Stormy Daniels has frequently tussled with the president’s attorney, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, in an ongoing cable TV news battle to have their viewpoints dominate over the past few weeks.

The insults and the accusations of pawning falsehoods off as the truth have shot back and forth across the airwaves as the two lawyers pleaded their client’s cases in the people’s court of public opinion.

It’s been a battle that most people have seen the younger, fitter, more mentally astute Avenatti as winning, while Giuliani’s performance has led to questions about his drinking habits and a statement from the President that eventually his attorney will get his facts straight after Giuliani disclosed previously unknown info that contradicted Trump’s own story about his relationship with Ms. Daniels.

So when Avenatti heard about the reaction of a full Yankee Stadium crowd to the public congratulations for the former mayor on the occasion of his 74th birthday, he was moved to comment on Twitter about the level of derision in the nation’s largest city for its two most well-known homegrown politicians.

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Avenatti probably shouldn’t be surprised. Familiarity breeds contempt, as the saying goes, and New Yorkers have been forced to live with both Trump and Giuliani as public figures well before the rest of the nation was subjected to having to deal with the monstrously over-sized egos and narcissistic behavior that the two men possess.

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In case you missed actually experiencing what it was like to be in Yankee Stadium as the president’s lead prevaricator’s birthday was announced, you can check out this handy video capturing the moment from the stands.

Unfortunately, the enthusiasm that the fans showed in giving the former mayor the literal “Bronx cheer” was not effective in helping the Yankees beat the Astros. The Bronx Bombers lost to Houston 5 – 1.

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