February 5, 2023

Trump just accused the media of inventing a source, and reporters immediately hit back

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It’s Trump’s deliberate plan to weaken faith in the believability of any media outlet that doesn’t sing his praises so that as more and more news of his administration’s corruption and venality is published, the less impact it will have on a public made doubtful by his constant attacks.


He attacked the “failing,” as he invariably and falsely describes it, New York Times this morning in a tweet that accused the paper of inventing non-existent sources for its stories of internal White House turmoil.

Now The Hill has published evidence refuting Trump’s claims, submitted by reporters who are fighting back, incensed by the president’s attacks on their credibility and basic competence at their jobs in general — and the veracity of this story in particular.

The reporters say that not only does this “senior White House official” exist but that they held an “in-person background briefing about the summit on Thursday.”  They directly quoted the official, unnamed as per the journalistic norms of background briefings, as saying:

“The ball is in North Korea’s court right now. There’s really not a lot of time. We’ve lost quite a bit of time that we would need.”

Twitter was ablaze with comments from indignant reporters who pointed out the fallacy of the president’s latest deliberate lie.

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The actual reporters of The New York Times story that Trump refers to also used the president’s preferred medium to respond to the cynically baseless accusations.

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It took reporters who were not present at the background briefing and therefore not subject to the rules preventing them from identifying the person holding it to identify the source with an actual name.


After real journalists reveal the truth behind the president’s purposeful lies, there is only one thing to say to Trump:

“WRONG AGAIN! Use real facts, not phony excuses for your own administration’s inability to get your story straight.”

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Vinnie Longobardo

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