June 29, 2022

Chris Hayes just shared a heartwrenching court record of a mom begging ICE to not take her baby away

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The immigration debate is quite easily the most controversial debate in America today. Not because it causes the greatest amount of conflict between the political parties, but because both political parties tend to ignore the plight of the American immigrant – particularly when the color of their skin is brown.


It should not be so difficult to garner attention on this subject, but amongst even some of the most liberal individuals, it gets swept under the rug, a discussion regaled to another day – one which never seems to come.

And yet, the atrocities committed against immigrants in one of the top developed countries in the world is like something out of a deeply buried Netflix original film – everything seems so overdramatized that it can’t possibly be real – but it is.

Chris Hayes posted this thread to his timeline in a desperate attempt to call attention to the horrid conditions to which immigrants are subject:

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In case the individual stories weren’t convincing enough, another lawyer who simply goes by the name @nycsouthpaw, managed to get the full 46-page transcript from ACLU lawyers Lee Gelnert, Esq. and Badis Vakili, Esq. from their lawsuit against the government.

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What it describes should turn everyone’s stomach. Here are just some of the highlights, specifically from Gelnert:

“And when you have little kids being separated – 18-months-old, and they are sitting there screaming and crying, “please don’t let me be taken away!” – I think something needs to be done nationally because there are 700 little kids sitting there by themselves without their parents. They are traumatized. They declarations about how these little kids are being taken away and screamingthey are just little kids.”

“None of these people are being told. They even have birth certificates, and the government is simply saying, “Well, we don’t believe you.” So the sort of presumption that “let’s do what’s best for the child” is really not in play here.”

More horrors exist within the 46 pages if anyone is still left ambivalent to the plight of immigrants under ICE detention.

What’s worse is the Trump administration’s indifference to these horrors, evidenced by this interaction between a Department of Justice attorney representing ICE and the court:

The Court: “The way I understand the process… is the person gets out of custody for the conviction they are serving, they then go into ICE detention to pursue immigration and asylum related matters, but their child is somewhere else, with or in some other facility. And there is no procedure or mechanism for that parent to reunite with their child, absent from hiring lawyers or pursuing it on their own. Is that correct?”

Sarah B. Fabian, Esq, U.S.A. DOJ: I think that is correct.”

Admittedly, these atrocities pre-date Trump’s tenure in the White House, as reported this morning. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about the past, but there are parents and children suffering right now. In spite of the best efforts by the ACLU, these children are rounded up like animals with no hope to see their families again.

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This must become as vogue a discussion as LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, and every other social justice crusade the left so passionately defends.

Immigrants deserve attention and human rights just like the rest of us. Regardless of when this horror-show began, it’s time to bring this practice to an end.

Humanity shouldn’t be this difficult to drum up from the human race.

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Salvatore Nicholas

Salvatore is a producer, political writer, comedian and LGBTQ activist (in no particular order). He resides in Los Angeles with his two cats and encyclopedic knowledge of Britney's discography.

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