An SUV just ran over a group of women in deadly Portland hit-and-run


A driver is on the run in Portland, Oregon, after an apparent hit-and-run involving three women pedestrians.

According to police reports obtained by Debra Gil of KPTV in Portland as well as an emergency bulletin on Portland State University’s website, three women were struck on a sidewalk near PSU’s campus by an SUV which fled the scene.

Of the three women hit, two sustained life-threatening injuries. All three are currently in the hospital. Their current condition is unknown.

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Updated reporting from Tyler Dumont of Fox 12 in Portland showed that the crime scene had been extended beyond its initial parameters, but that does not appear to be to include other victims.


Portland police have finally pointed out the vehicle in question:

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The care is a 2005 Mazda Tribute with gray bumpers and Oregon plate 491JHT.

Anyone in the area is asked to contact authorities at 9-1-1.

Coming on the heels of an April 23rd terror attack in Toronto, Canada,  in which ten people were killed and sixteen were injured by a misogynist who was targeting women with his car, this hit-and-run attack sparked instantly sparked concern over a copy-cat attack.


The man in Toronto identified as an “incel,” which stands for “involuntarily celibate.” Incels  are a group of largely heterosexual men (though homosexual men identify as incels as well) who blame potential sexual partners whom reject them for their own celibacy, hence “involuntary.”

There has yet to be a motive established, nor was the suspect apprehended nor their gender expression identified. Still, local agencies are offering emotional support to anyone affected by the tragedy, indicating a possible concern over a targeted attack.

This story has been updated to include information about the car suspect in the attack. More details will be added as they become available.

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